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All About Trampa Mountainboards

The following pages provide more detail about Trampa products, from technical spec to choosing the right Trampa set up to suit you.

Trampa Boards Ltd are composite specialists, producing all terrain mountain boards and kite boards. Trampa are the first mountain board & kite board manufacturer in the world to be able to produce a bullet proof, rider weight specific, custom handmade mountain and kite board deck, that can be super flexi or stiff. Trampa Mountain Boards and Kiteboards fit to any type of truck system to replace old or tired wooden decks as an up-grade, or as complete units hand made to the customer's dimensions and requirements.


The TRAMPA" deck is made from a re-inforced glass and plastic thermo composite, which was originally developed for light-weight millitary purposes, giving superior strength to weight ratios. It is able to with stand huge impacts or forces and flex's like most other materials cant.

It is specially formulated, and presented in a workable matter in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, the thread is weaved to thedesired width, and placed onto a roll. Polished and pre shaped alluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions and the top surface finish required.

By varying the layer quantity used, Trampa are able to control the amount of flex and pop in the deck, allowing Trampa to custom make the deck for the customers height weight, style, rider type and riders abillity. A special seal is used to help with the large pump to create  a high pressured vacuum. The mould  is then placed in the oven, still under a vacuum, to cook, just like a cake. At this point resulting product is known as the Motherboard.

Once cooked the exterior moulds are removed and the motherboard is taken to the water jet cutting bed to neatly remove the individual decks from the motherboard. The datum marks are fed into the machine for accuracy and water is mixed with a very fine particle sand which is then blasted out of  the nozzell under a pressure of 60,000 Psi. (thats enough pressure to cut through 9 inch titanium!) which results in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks then need to be finished by hand... A jig is used to drill the truck holes, and the binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand. Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various types sandpaper. The finer the sandpaper used the finer the finish to the edge of the deck will be.... spend some time on your deck, show it some love and give it a good rub.....

Trampa can make your TRAMPA" deck as stiff or as flexi as you would want it to be. Generally speaking the stiffer the deck is the heavier the rider is, so the weight of a Trampa deck is often relative to the weight of the rider, so lightweight isn't always the best thing as its important for the ride to know that their deck can handle their weight for the right applications.....

All TRAMPA" blank decks are available drilled or undrilled , with or without grip tape, with or without converting nuts and bolts or any other extras you may need. Just choose the extras you want from the options in our product pages.

New to the range, Trampa have just launched an advanced grip tape, known as "Trampa Tread". Originally developed for the decking of yachts and other water craft, it is deep grooved and offers superior grip compared to regular grip tape. Excellent for all conditions especially the beach. All the completes offered by Boardology come with this option, please let us know when ordering if you would prefer good old fashioned grip tape.


Skate Trucks

The TRAMPA SKATE style trucks come as standard with re-enforced 10mm steel hollow axle which travels the complete width of the 39cm hanger (15 and 1/2 inches). Believe it or not but hollow Axles are stronger than solid  whilst reducing the bulk of the weight, making this the lightest mountain and kite board steering system on the market.

The TRAMPA SKATE base plate has been selected from an existing factory mold and modified for improvement, then stamped with the TRAMPA logo to show a sign of  top quality.

For all those top riders out there who insist on their trucks to be super tight, TRAMPA have resolved the issues riders have faced when they come to tighten their trucks and find their kingpin keeps spinning. HOW ANNOYING!!! The TRAMPA base plate holds the kingpin in the correct position allowing the rider to tighten their trucks to their exact steering requirements, this steering resitance is also advanced by changing the rubbers, we currently use DohDoh bushings

For those serious enough to demand only the best TRAMPA have released a 3/8ths of an inch special Titanium King pin to fit to the TRAMPA SKATE TRUCK. This is available as an upgrade (Kingpin only see parts below) or as standard on the the new Trampa lite skate truck.

The truck uses a 3/8ths of an inch kingpin. With the support of specially shaped rubber dampa's and washers, the kingpin fixes the base plate and the hanger together. The rubber Dampa's allow for some movement between the Hanger and the baseplate, giving the rider the ability to steer their board. Depending on how tight the Kingpin is screwed down to the base plate will depend on how the truck steers. The tighter the Kingpin,  the tighter the steering..... However be careful not to over tighten the nut on the kingpin to much as this may put too much pressure onto the rubber Dampa's and cause them to split.

SO to combat the problem of over tightening (casuing the rubber bushings splitting, the rubber DAMPA's can now be purchased in different stiffnesses. The stiffness of the rubber will determine the amount of steering that comes from the trucks. Generally speaking, the better the rider is the tighter they want to have their trucks, so we can fit DohDoh's rubbers which come in 3 varying hardnesses to accommodate all types of rider. See the accessories section for more details

TRAMPA have designed a special bearing conversion spacer which is perfect in converting the standard 12mm bearings to fit to the 10mm hollow axle. This bearing conversion spacer also acts as the perfect speed washer allowing the hub to fit snug on the axel, giving the wheel the perfect spinning position.

Including the axel nuts and washers, the truck weighs 525 grams each, 1.05Kg per pair. Super light!

Its basically a skate board truck which has been beefed up to give extra strength on the rough terrain. Its also given extended axle's which give the perfect amount of stability for most sized riders/

This is the lightest truck system on the market. Due to its lightness its over all strength is not as good as other truck systems so this truck is more suitable for lighter weight riders, especially kids, teenagers and ladies.

However many adult sized male kiteboard riders choose to ride these trucks simply because they are 1kg lighter than any other on the market, the fact that they may bend or even break under seriously heavy usage or over time bears no odds to them because at they are so cheap to replace....

The truck houses 10mm HOLLOW axle's which have enough space on them to house any wheel on the market. Trampa have just released some spacers to convert bearings from 12mm to 10mm, these fit snugly to the axel whilst also adding the perfect spacing to the bearing.

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