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“Gravity is the root of Lightness, stillness the ruler of movement”


"Beginning in early 1995, trying to mimic the rush of snowboarding on pavement, our shortboards got less and less play time while we experimented with more stable wheelbases, any funky truck we could get our hands on, and pretty much any material we could put trucks on.  All sorts of shapes of Baltic birch plies, solid wood, modified shortboards, and various other objects became projectiles to careen down local hills with.   
Looking for a lively and precisely tuned and responsive ride, old snowboards soon found themselves reincarnated with trucks and wheels attached -- awaiting more brutal methods of destruction.  We played (and continue to play) with almost every board and truck available and took courses in composite and material technologies, continuing on with our quest to build a lively board capable of skating bigger hills with enhanced control.  
September 2000 through June 2002 were dedicated to developing these boards.  It was challenging.  We enlisted and ended up frustrating many of the greatest minds in skate-boarding and snowboarding.  Determining and testing the materials was a full time job.  
Trying to get the wood and fiberglass to conform to compound contours was an affront to physics and we got sick of hearing that it couldn't be done with curvatures as pronounced as we wanted.  But done it was and the first ride made it clear that it should be done.

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We've experienced the soulful beauty of riding and want to pass on the stoke. To that end we are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides we can and we stand behind every board we build. The Loaded board’s mission is to enhance the conscious experience of flow and the love of the ride. We strive to build the best and most innovative boards so as to promote soulful lines and fluid carves. Through enhancing the experience of ones body in nature we hope to stimulate awareness of the impact we make on our environment and instigate creative responses.


Our design philosophy is simple:  engineer the boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system. We therefore design our boards around the trucks. It's a great time for skateboard design with all kinds of cool trucks being developed, and we intend to build decks around all the ones that we enjoy riding.

For our current skate deck lineup, our construction combines the best of snowboard materials technology and skateboard inspired design: Concave and convex cambers, a vertically laminated Bamboo core, triaxle fiberglass, and a functional and symmetrical shape combine to achieve lively composite boards designed to skate bigger hills with enhanced control. Form follows function, and while we hope you'll find them attractive, these boards are designed to ride.


he camber between the trucks is a large part of the locomotion of the board.  (high rebound bushings or springs in the trucks, as well as the side to side movement of high rebound wheels contribute as well and should be used in conjunction for maximum effect).  
Pre-cambering the board results in a specific amount of  potential energy imbedded in the board.  Flattening out the camber when standing on the board implies that pressure equal to rider weight is pressing back up.  In technical terms, the board at this point is 'dynamically loaded'.
So where are we going with this?   Picture this, you're riding down a hill with some good speed:  you bend your knees into your first turn, using the g-force in addition to your weight to push down on the deck so that it's negatively cambered.  As you come outta the turn (straightening your legs somewhat for stability and drive) the board rebounds back at you with most of the energy you pushed it down with.
Pumping absorbs vibrations for increased control.

Further thoughts on flex: a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at a wide range of speeds, but tends to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. Stiffer flex means more energy potential and more stability at higher speeds, but will not be as forgiving and lively when cruising.  

Concave cambers: makes the board more responsive with increased control. Compound contours stiffen the board for higher energy potential.


Core:  Vertically laminated Bamboo micro laminates.
Vertical laminates:  increase stiffness exponentially and retain spring.

Micro-laminates:  diminish natural flaws in the wood enhance torsional stiffness allowing for torsional spring-back allows for the compound contours of the board.

Extensive testing of various woods has led to Bamboo: One of the best woods found in nature, providing awesome and lasting elasticity/spring, and incredible memory retention. Much heavier than a traditional Poplar or Aspen snowboard core--necessary for proper energy generation off two points of contact (the trucks), and will retain spring perhaps forever.

Heavyweight Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich: Strong & durable. Feather light. Consistent flex. Diagonal and longitudinal axis glass fiber weave for lengthwise and torsional strength and stiffness.

Specially formulated Epoxy for flex and strength. Memory retention

Carbon Fiber: Super strong- Feather light. We use carbon to reinforce weak areas and will use stringers to stiffen our boards."

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Thanks to our friends at Loaded Longboards for the content

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