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Orangatangs "How to break them in for sliding..."

By AdamC at Loaded Longboards

"The 75mm In Heat and 70mm 4President wheels are not intended to be slide wheels and are hard to slide, though if you are skilled at sliding or persistent you can get these wheels to grip when you want and slide like butter once they are worn in.

STEP 1 Ride your wheels for a good hour or 5-10 miles carving, pumping, going fast but not trying to slide them. Get to know the wheel, talk to it maybe even buy it some lunch. You goal is to wear away the shiny oily top layer of the wheel. If you slide your wheels right out of the box it can cause them to wear weird, etc.

STEP 2 Once the shiny layer is gone and the wheel has some wear and slight texture to the touch start doing hard carves and slight speed checks. The wheels are going to slide choppy and all over the place at first be prepared for this. If you can’t get the wheel to slide, work on those sliding skills baby. Each time down the hill while trying to slide they will slide smoother and smoother. This is a slow process be patient.

What you are basically doing is rounding the outside edge of the wheel, this will enable it to slide better.

STEP 3 Start working in more technical slides, 180’s and colemans. Make sure when you are coleman-sliding wheels that are not broken in to keep your weight further back, the wheels will not slide as easy and may want to toss you off.

STEP 4 With patience and persistent you will feel your wheels slide like butter while still maintaining grip when you want.

Ideally do not slide your wheels on super rough roads this will make them wear faster.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO BREAK MY WHEELS IN FOR SLIDING? I skated a step hill 10 times doing at least 8 slides down the hill each time. After this period of time the wheels were broken in for sliding and the choppiness was gone. Be persistent, breaking in time will vary with the style of riding you do and your skill level."

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